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Black Beauty Master Mind Facesitting Domination at its finest!

Black Beauty Master Mind Facesitting Domination at its finest!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Black Beauty Love ....

Black, Chocolate, Nubian, Hershey, Mocha, Caramel, Ebony...some of the adjectives that describe the color of beautiful. This is homage to the Black and Beautiful Dominatrix, from Her sexy full lips, down to the curve in Her hips, Her not to be f*cked with attitude, Her natural erotic seduction, Her charm and mystic, Her Queen stature and Her Hot swagger. For those who worship Her and for She who will be obeyed!! For the Chocolate Dommes of class and distinction this if for You....For Her Power and command, the essence of perfection and stamina in Her soul. You yearn to be at Her feet, for the Black Goddess to anoint you and make you worthy. You need Her to control you, the Black Beauty is cunning and steps ahead of Her helpless prey. She beckons for you, and you come willingly and eager because you crave Her words and to hear Her sultry voice telling you what to do, where to go, what to say, when to speak, what to wear, who to be, how to walk, how to be submissive, how to think and who you are to Her ... and to the Black divine Goddess you are Her pet! She acknowledges you as Her property and you accept having NO choice and say in the matter because that is your purpose, your deepest desires. The lovely Chocolate will put you in a trance where you will never want to leave and never want to let go of the journey. Black Beauty School of sub space, you will be inducted and feel honored to be apart of the harem of bitches that serve Her...

Thursday, April 10, 2014

This, that and the other ...

Hello all, this that and the other refers to the mix of some things that's been going on lately in My world. I have been periodically busy with some of My favorite pets .. My sissy bitch samatha is being trained to be the perfect slut for Me and My devious desires. My foot bitch rick has been busy pampering My pretty feet, massaging and worshiping them when he is allowed ..  pathetic penis paul gets his doses of hardcore verbal humiliation with a side order of psychological manipulation .. hours of heavy rope bondage, mind f*cking, twisted scenarios and domination the list goes on and on. My  Niteflirt Phone Domination line has been on fire with lots of kinky, nasty, erotic, dirty, naughty, freaky subjects and scenarios to talk about with My pets. I fell back in love again with My rubber thigh high boots. I was polishing them the other day and they glossed up rather nicely and it made Me smile. I put them on and they look so sexy with My garter belt and stockings and My latex mini skirt. I also just returned from Rhode Island yesterday and had an amazing time. I've been there many years ago but not like I did this time. Although it was cold and gray the vibe and experience made up for it. I went with Alexandra Tiger on vacation there and we stayed at a fab hotel right by the water, we went site seeing, relaxed, on nature walks and ate delicious lobster. No sessions, no kink just chillaxing .... Now I am back in Brooklyn getting settled back in and ready to see My pets, plan My next moves, accomplish some things on My check list, continue living life on a flow and moving on ...

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Coming to New Jersey this week!

I will be coming back to New Jersey the end of this week.....So all My pets better get ready. Just like last time I will be gracing the central NJ area and at some point on one of My visits I will come to northern and southern NJ. I will be in NJ for 3-4 days so book your session for your much needed dose of genuine dominant exquisite Black Beauty! 

I am sure some of My naturally dominant expertise's  listed below will entice you:

worship and massage My pretty feet and tasty toes, admire My long sexy fingernails as I use them to rake, dig or scratch you, kiss My high heel shoes and boots, get roped into My restrictive bondage, get trampled on and kicked in your balls, sissy slut training, strap on play, delicious golden showers, nipple play, much needed verbal abuse and physical humiliation, effective CBT,  mind blowing prolonged tease and denial, sensory deprivation, strict instructions, stockings and pantyhose fetish, latex and leather lover, erotic chocolate ass smothering, spankings, light to heavy discipline, face slapping, mind fucking, character assassination, creative role play, domination erotic sensual and provocative to strict and demanding ... etc..

See you soon, Domina Erotica

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Back in Brooklyn!!

I am back in Brooklyn doing My thing! My time spent in New Jersey was productively kinky....I am always happy to see My Jersey pets eager to kiss My pretty feet and submit to Me. Looks like this will become a habit visiting NJ, as I always stay in the central NJ areas I do plan on switching it up some and visiting northern and southern NJ for all the potential lovers of the Black Beauty Domme to be graced with My presence. I understand for some people it's not that easy for them to travel to central NJ and for Me it would be nice to see how the other areas of NJ are. NJ is full of submissive sluts, foot fetishist, masochist and perverts and that's all well for Me. The more the merrier in our kinky world. I will be back in NJ this month so for all of you that would love to see Me get ready!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Black Beauty visiting Central New Jersey February 23-26 accepting sessions!

Hello to My Black Beauty lovers...I will be coming your way for 3 1/2 days, Sunday until early Wednesday afternoon accepting sessions in the Central New Jersey area. I will be equipped with all the proper toys and accoutrements necessary to have My way with you. If you have never had the pleasures of being in My presence then now is your chance! If I have already graced you with My sexy ass Ebony presence then that just makes you special...I periodically come to NJ from Park Slope, Brooklyn New York to have some kinky fun. I am based in Brooklyn in My own private condo for play so if you ever come to NY look Me up and schedule a session with Me. Send Me an email at:

To inquire about seeing Me .. text or call My booking line at 305-992-6085 to make an appointment too. See you soon ... Domina Erotica

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

This is what I expect from you!!

I expect you to be obedient, I expect you to kiss My feet, I expect you to stay bound, I expect you to be gagged and shut up, I expect you to keep your ass in high heels and a butt plug, I expect you to dance for Me in your garter belt and stockings .. slut!, I expect you to slob My big fat juicy strap on cock, I expect you to be on your knees, I expect you to stand there and let Me kick you in your pathetic balls, I expect you to have no choice as I rake you with My long sexy fingernails, I expect you to understand your place, I expect you to stay blind folded so you can't see what I will do to you next...sensory deprivation, I expect you to deep throat My toes, I expect you to says yes Domina Erotica, I expect you to let Me pinch your nipples, I expect you to not to move while I grab your balls with My talons, I expect you to lay on My knees for a good ole fashion over the knee spanking, I expect you to be teased and denied because you have NO choice, I expect you to have your balls shaven for Me because your My property, I expect you to not cum because I said so, I expect you to spit shine My rubber thigh high boots until I am satisfied, I expect you to treat Me like the Black Beauty Goddess that I am, I expect you to lick My high heels and worship My boots, I expect you to lay on the floor while I smother you with My beautiful chocolate ass, I expect you to stand there and let Me give you the discipline you deserve, I expect you to dress up like a cheap hooker and dance for Me licking your lips that I painted cherry red, I expect you to polish every inch of My latex catsuit as it forms onto My shapely sexy body, I expect you to wear a diaper for Me take a piss in it and wear it for hours because it will humiliate you, I expect you to eagerly want to learn how to walk properly in high heels for Me, I expect you to lay still while I electro shock your miserable balls with My purple wand, I expect you to be honest respectful and sensitive to My needs, I expect you to look at Me with admiration worship and lust as I wear My very sexy cuban heeled stockings high heels and mini skirt, I expect you to be reliable and not an asshole, I expect you to feel the need to occasionally buy Me gifts just because, I expect you to be a respectful submissive, masochist or a true fetishist, I expect you to get a hard on so I can tie up your cock meat, I expect you to expect a collar and leash to be placed around your neck because you are My pet bitch, I expect you to want to do just about anything for Me, I expect you to wear a chastity belt or CB6000 until I think it's best to let you out as I tease and taunt you merciless while you are in it, I expect you to go shopping in the women lingerie section in a clothing store for your bitch outfit to present to Me, I expect you to enjoy every minute of Me tying you up in restrictive bondage and having My way with you, I expect you to jerk your hard cock and get really close to cuming and stop jerking it over and over and over and over because it amuses Me, I expect you to wear frilly pink crotchless panties under your clothes for Me while your at work, I expect you to crawl on your hands and knees and bark like a dog for Me, I expect you to enjoy role play like I do, I expect you to bring Me exotic flowers because you know I love them, I expect you to stand there so I can slap your face, I expect you to be a good urinal as I piss all over you, I expect you to be a steady spit bucket so I can spit in your face, I expect you to massage My pretty feet for as long as I want you to, I expect you to take My strap on in your tight whore hole, I expect you to suck it on command, I expect you to take all the seductive teasing I give you, I expect you to kiss My ass where I tell you to, I expect you to suck and lick My long red fingernails on command, I expect you to lay on the floor so I can properly trample you with My feet or high heels, I expect you to allow Me to drip candle wax on you, I expect you to listen carefully as I speak seductive and demanding in your ears, I expect you to follow instructions given by Me, I expect you to expect the best from Me... as always .. Domina Erotica 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

My Ultimate Face Sitting Domination over My new and unsuspecting web bitch!

I have the perfect Master plan for My web most of you may already know I have been planning and wanting to launch My new video pay site and I am finally now in the process of getting exactly what I want because My new web bitch will have NO choice but to give it all to Me! Little does he know I will shape, form and mold this lil web bitch into the perfect face seat for My sexy chocolate round ass. He already begs and pleads to be able to get a faint glimpse and smell of My beautiful ass and he will get that for sure, and I will get one of My major pay sites completed as a result of it. I will dangle My scrumptious hershey ass inches from his face and he will beg and yearn for Me to allow him to be My face seat smothering him and making him gasps for air because he can't breath. Why breath? It's so overrated to breath when you can inhale My erotic ass essence for air?! That heavenly chocolate aroma will tranquilize that web bitch into pure submission and he will get his sorry behind online and create for Me the most hottest and amazing site catering to one of My most prized possessions ...  My ebony ass!  See My web bitch is a very smart tech geek and knows how to navigate his way around the web to build Me the best. This site will cater to reverse riding, smothering and ultimate face sitting at it's finest with Me in stockings, pantyhose, spandex leggings, g-strings and what ever sexy attire I come up with .. of course what would you expect from the Black Beauty Domme. Many would love to be in his position as My face seat and I will make sure this face seat bitch will earn his privileges. This site will be presented with the highest level of quality and style, with face sitting content that you will erect a boner and drool for!

My goal after a prolonged period of time is to compile a reality based chronicle book featuring Me and My web bitches journey into the Ultimate Power of the Face sit with My ass as the star of the show!  Stay tuned because I said so, as always ...

Domina Erotica .. Black Beauty

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fakes, Fraud and Phoney !!

Ok, a fake pitiful transexual on  Dom/Fetish section has taken My pics, content and words that I advertise on backpage and used them as her/his own! That would have to be one of the most stupid and pathetic moves a person can make. It would be painfully obvious that when a person goes to see them for a session it's CLEARLY not Me and My pics looks nothing like them. Talk about the ole bait and switch! As the saying goes imitation is the highest form of flattery, but in this case I am not impressed or pleased with this ignorant behavior. I spent too many years honing My skills and maintaining My classy image for some wanna be who can't get their own style, words and pics to come along and think that what he/she is doing will work. Karma is a mother fucker and I don't play that shit! Iv'e had a few people in My over 20 years in this lifestyle try and steal My pics etc.. because they have NO original ideas and style about themselves. They have to rummage through the internet and see whose images and content can they steal and copy because maybe their face resembles a tired sick moose or the bottom of My old shoes, so they see that somebody else looks amazing so let's try and steal their images and words because they have no game on their own. Sad, ridiculous and trifling behavior. I did contact back page and they are on the case as we speak looking into this fake tranny. I really hope back page will shut that moose down and remove My content and images from it's fake ad posing as Me. Here is the link to the wanna be posing as the original Black Beauty Domme .. Domina Erotica:  

And here is My original ad on back page:

I emailed this person giving them a piece of My mind and then I called the bitch and he/she told Me that the images and ad will stay and will NOT be removed! Oh really Ms. Thang .. we will truly see about that!

As always, Domina Erotica

UPDATE - February 2, 2014: Domina Erotica "1" ... fake fraud tranny "0" ... Justice has prevailed and Backpage has removed her imitation profile of Me off their web site! I am pleased to hear this news and it was only the right thing to do considering it was obviously wrong in the first place .. the nerve! I know fraud tranny will continue her reign of terror else where because she just don't know any better. Just to make this clear, I love transexuals, cross genders and men that just love to wear women's clothes and be fierce! I absolutely have nothing against them at all. I have hung with the best of them including the most famous and fabulous RuPaul .. the ultimate Ms. Girl. We hung in NYC and CT before she blew up and became Ms. You Bettah Work!! Anyways, what it boils down to is respect and reputation if you have neither you have nothing...period! Now stuff that in your bra!!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Permanently in Park Slope Brooklyn accepting sessions ..but will be in New Jersey too!

Hello Black Beauty Domme lovers  ... Some of you may have noticed I have been looking for awhile for My permanent play space...starting in Manhattan, then New Jersey back to Manhattan. But, I finally found a place that works for Me and set up the way I need it to be for sessions in Park Slope Brooklyn....located right across from lovely Prospect Park! So, if you are in My area or can travel to Me to get your much need dose of Black Beauty let Me know. I will happily oblige you with a domination session that will blow your mind and keep you coming back for more in classically seductive Domina Erotica style! 

I am still making trips back to New Jersey for sessions usually in the central/northern NJ area. Book your appointments now for either Brooklyn NY or New Jersey! Send session inquiries to My email at:

See you soon.... Black Beauty !!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Now accepting sessions in Manhattan New York...!!

Here.. there.. everywhere... My domination tour is in effect. As you may know I was In New Jersey exploring the possibility of staying there and accepting sessions. That was short lived and effective. I seemed to collect perverted pets every where I go. Not to say I will not be back in New Jersey because I will be, just not sure when yet. I will post any future dates back to NJ here in My blog. Occasionally I will session in NJ for those pets that I already seen that will miss Me and for potential future pets that have not had the pleasure of being in My presence. 

Now that I am back in NewYork I am accepting sessions in a private place. My reign of kinky terror has made its way back to the city and I am ready, willing and able to control, dominate and have My way with you ... as it should be.. wanna play? Send Me an email at: ..  call or text My booking # at 305-992-6085 .. have a hot, sensual addictive domination session with Me you will never forget and will keep your kinky ass coming back for more. See you soon !!

Domina Erotica

Wednesday, November 27, 2013!!

Just My Thanksgiving thoughts .. it's so easy to give thanks but do you really mean it? Anyone can say they are grateful, but do you really know what that feels like in your soul and what it really means? Dig deep and ponder upon this .... Thanksgiving suppose to mean exactly what is says..Thanks for giving.... Of your heart, thanks for giving of your time, thanks for giving of your efforts, thanks for giving of your money, thanks for giving of your love, thanks for giving of your compassion, thanks for giving of your food, thanks for giving of your support, thanks for giving of your abilities, thanks for giving of your kind words, thanks for giving of your help, thanks for giving of your good nature and spirit. See it's not that difficult to give and it's certainly not difficult to receive as long as you are truly thankful then it's not all in vain! Njoy it all while you can!! ... and that's an order from Black Beauty Domme!

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Kinky Hot Erotic Phone Domination with Black Beauty!!!

Do you want to hear the sultry and dominant voice of Black Beauty? Call Me to get your daily dose of kinky hot erotic demanding and addictive phone domination like you have never had it before. I will make you My bitch and command you to do things to yourself for My entertainment and pleasure. Do you have a fetish? Of course you do or you wouldn't be here like the pervert that you are. Do you want to cum? Well you can't !! .... Not unless I tell you to so you better hold it! I love tease and denial ....sluts that like to dress like sluts and can take My strap on and suck it too...masochist...fetishist...foot fetishes and deep throat toe long fingernail fetishes...high hees and boots fetishes...stockings and pantyhose lovers....hard core verbal humiliation....seductive and erotic verbal domination...chocolate ass worship...discipline training....creative role play and more on My nasty list of things to do and talk about....

My provocative "Nite Flirt" phone domination lines will be open as of this week... I don't have a set time and date I am accepting calls. So try My line I just might pick up and give you the thrill of your kinky life. If you see the following white call button below say "CALL NOW!!!" ...  Call Button  then get your ass to the phone pick it up and call Me for your much needed  Ebony domination! ...  If it does "NOT" say "CALL NOW", then click on the button anyways and you can leave Me a message with your request to talk to Me. We can arrange a phone domination session. 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Welcome New Jersey sluts fetishist masochist submissives

I am truly enjoying My stay here in New Jersey with so many pets to train, play with, seduce, rough up, smack around, use, tease and deny, piss on, tie up or down, make My bitch, laugh at, feminize, stroke, verbally abuse, punish, give rewards to, pinch, spit on, control, bring to the edge and dominate as well as many other fun, kinky and exciting scenarios that I love. 

Assuming because NJ is far less concentrated with Dommes than NY the supply is less and the demand is greater for good quality hot Dommes. That's fine with Me because that gives Me more new fresh meat to terrorize and have My way with. I love the elements of eroticism and domination combined with a sexy controlling attitude and seductively hypnotic psychological manipulation where My pets have no choice but to obey and worship My chocolate gorgeousness. In My presence you would not want it to be over or want to leave Me because I will mind fuck you so good that you will be forever grateful to have ever met Me. Sounds a little cocky? Well, I have the right to be because I know I can control My pets and make them My permanent bitch! Not sure, still intimidated by My power and presence ... Don't be such a pussy .. I am a sweet heart with a passion for My pets. I've had some people say that they think I may be too mean for them or too much for them, mean while come see Me and find out for sure. Pain and being a bitch is not always on My menu....My pics are professional and so am I. My attitude is confident and My words are not b.s. My pics are real and yes I am really that beautiful like My pics ... Even better in person I've been told ..wink!

I actually love what I do as a Domme and I'm not jaded or bitter towards men or this lifestyle. I've been playing for too long to be unhappy about it. Once I become unhappy about it I will leave the game!  I don't partake in any fetishes or scenarios that I don't like or agree with. Whatever I do in sessions I enjoy, so whatever your fetish or interests are we have to be compatible and vibe on the same page. I like to build repores with My pets. Check your schedule, make your plans, gets some balls and book an appointment with Me.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Black Beauty accepting sessions in Piscataway, New Jersey !!

I am accepting sessions at a temporary play space location in Piscataway, New Jersey. While I am still in the process of finding My new permanent play space, I will be in Piscataway in a private location doing one of the things I do best .. Dominate Control Seduce Train Tease Deny Tie Up Tie Down Sensually Terrorize and basically have My way with My new pets, worshippers and fetishist. If you are in the New Jersey area and never had a chance to come and experience Black Beauty at it's finest because I was usually based in New York or Florida .. then now you can! As I said before I am relocating to New Jersey and even entertaining the idea of visiting Atlantic City very soon. Not for gambling of course but to spread all this beautiful chocolate dominant sexiness in that area too for a little while. 

If you want to book a session .. contact Me at #305-992-6085, text or email Me at ..... In call only ...Black Beauty .. now taking over the entire New Jersey State!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Black Beauty in New Jersey....

Life always takes you where you never though you would be....I'm in New Jersey. I've been here for awhile now in the process of looking for My new permanent play space. I know most of you are like  ....NNNNNOOO not New Jersey!!!!! ...  but yes it looks like that's where I will be. I want more for My money and NY as we all know does not give you that. I've gotten so spoiled by having more nature around Me, more peace and living space from living in Fort Lauderdale Florida where I had all of this and loved it. So I would rather not settle for less now. I'm looking for a place as close to NY as possible for My admirers to travel to Me by car, train or bus. Easy access for you to come and worship Me in person if you are from NY and close for you convenience if your in NJ. Best of both sides for all.

I will post it here when I have My new permanent play space so New Jersey prepare yourself because Black Beauty is in town!!!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Erotic Kinky Seduction.....

Erotic Kinky Seduction ...  takes you on a ride to pure satisfaction .. the goal? ...  a major mind fuck! ... A place where you want to stay and never leave because the intensity is so great you feel like you are going to pass out from the level of desires. The combination of passion .. sexy animalistic fucking .... and lust..... the lusting of the flesh to be taken and pleasured ... touched and grabbed .. caressed and bitten. Tie me up tie me down ... Have your nasty way with me. Invade all my holes and use me until I can't speak.....gag me ... love me and show me the power you have over me. Teach me to please you and make me feel amazing. Worship my feet... suck my toes ... lick the soles and kiss them softly....use your tongue like a paint brush and make me say your name...

Make me want you and want to fulfill all your desires .. Fuck me slow and don't stop ...make me your bitch in heels given it to you all night. .. You are the one for me that I adore and want to fuck ... You make me weak at the knees and fantasizes about raunchy ... dirty shit! .... You make my heart race ... Keeping it wet and ready ,.. You nasty lilttle bitch! You know you like that kinky love. How I posses your every move ... you like for me to piss on you? Oh yeah... Slap that ass....spank it hard on that spot ... Slap it and spank it until it hurts ... A little spit on your sensitive nipples and tease them until they get hard  ...  Exciting ... Perverse ... Sucking and Fucking!!! Is that how you like that? Given it to that tight hole using those fingers and a big juicy cock to fill that horny wet hole that screams to be fucked and creamed, again multiple times.... over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over until you can't even form a sentence out of your mouth ... Words can't describe the overwhelming feeling to cum like you are in another world ..... like your soul left your body and it is in pure bliss and ultimate passion with lustful desires over taking your whole being until you submit and know you are defeated and fucked! .... You have just entered screwed for life zone ... The place where you have been transported to because you came so hard you went to another zone ... in that zone it would never be forgotten ,,,, officially fucked for life! ... More please!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

My birthday and things!

Well My B'day has come and gone. But I did get some great presents and a fabulous surprise on My birthday. I was taken to a Broadway Show to see Cinderella. It was like a dream to watch. The costumes, the stets, storyline and fantasy was great! I had great seats with a nice view. They put so much thought behind setting up everything ... it was magical! Then off to eat and the rest a good night and on to the next days......

I will be relocating to another NY borough, not sure if it will be Brooklyn, Manhattan or in Queens. Either way I will keep it posted here for those of you that want to book a session with Me.

I don't use the NY dungeons .. I'm accepting sessions in a nice private apartment. It may not be the dungeon settings but I make sure I have what's needed for My sessions and I set the mood for erotic fun and kinky domination. I have a sturdy black leather bondage table for amazing restrictive bondage, shackles, ropes, chains, restraints, whips, canes, paddles, ball gags, invasive play  toys, electro play devices, nipples play toys, needles, sissy slut training clothes, role play etc... Thinking back it really makes Me miss the classy dungeon I had when I was living in a Florida. Everything I needed at My finger tips and it was fabulously dcorated by Me. It was fully done with an amazing custom built bondage table, cast iron bondage chair, pitch black prisoner interrogation room, toys I see it I had it before and I will have it again.

Sessions have been great...seeing some subs that I have not seen since I lived here before, breaking in new subs and meeting special people. I met this black sub awhile ago and I had so much fun with him. When I came back to NY we met up again and it was even better. Our sessions are hot, very intense and kinky. Serious foot worship, face slapping, nippe play and teasing with My long fingernails, lots of shit talking in the ears, golder showers and the rest is pure domination. He has a Adonis Greek God body that is exciting to play with .... every chocolate curve of muscle. Tie him up and use him for My enjoyment and his torment mixed with pleasure. Not that often I get to play and have My way with such submissive chocolate. Just does not come through that often at all. Some people you have that connection with where there is no denying its there because it is what it is. You meet and there is that instant chemistry and vibe. This makes for the kind of bonds that last sometime for a life time. Me and this black sub have this chemistry and intense vibe when we play. When you have that with someone you look forward to playing because you know it's going to be a great session.,

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Happy Birthday to Me .. August 29th .

This month August 29th is the special and divine day that I was born into this world! It's My birthday and I will be the fabulous age of 46. In other words I will be 46 years young ...  not 46 years old. Looking and feeling youthful is a state of mind, a positive innermost attitude and a way of life. An accumulation of years is not a death sentence it's a blessing. Try to use your time wisely with as little regret as possible. All things are perfect in a rhythm of divine arrangements created by Perfection.. There are no such things as coincidence and luck. I'm so grateful to be hear with all that life has to offer. I'm going to thoroughly enjoy My birthday and will be anticipating nice gifts from My pets and admirers. If you have any questions or comments about giving or sending Me a gift send inquiries to My email address at ... ... It's ok to send Me a delayed birthday gift that is fine with Me. Better late than never....

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

NYC update.....

Things have been going well in the Big Apple...I'm loving My new life and taking in all the vibe. The flavor of the City is mad crazy, delicious with versatility, realizations, character and never a dull moment. Sometimes you don't even have to turn on your television, just step outside and you will learn the meaning of life! Although I have lived in NY before I see so many things with different eyes. Due to My life's elevations and deeper understandings sprinkled with being older and much wiser. I'm taking advantage of being able to explore some areas of NY that I never took out the time to see before. Back in the days of being here I was moving so fast and was in a different yet the same state of mind. I feel like a 1000 years have past, I'm younger than I used to be. I feel like this is My home at last, I know everyone that I meet. I have an army of gold around Me and My spirit is stronger and resilient.

Some may read My blog and feel I sometimes get a little too deep in My writings and not kinky enough but that's ok. Everything is not for everybody. Although I'm very kinky and absolutely love My Dominant lifestyle, I will not suppress My other sides which makes Me whole. I'm a philosopher by nature and a versatile freedom writer not afraid to express Myself. In order for Me to delve into being a true Domme this other side of Me must prevail and at times it Dominates Me! But that is ok because it keeps Me focused. So either you will love it or leave it! I've never had anyone complain to Me about the writings in My blog, I just know there are those out there that would love to just see and hear about the nasty kinky stuff and don't have to think and feel too deep. For all you die hard kinky perverts don't worry I have more than enough kink coming your way either through My words, pics, videos as always stay tuned My pets. Domina Erotica will never fall from kinky grace. There is always some behind the scene perversion going on whether you know about it or not.

I have to share something of major profoundness I just experienced. If you ever want to do anything in your life to truly deepen your thoughts, views and meaning of life about being human, what we are made of and what you need to do to wake up and live a better life go to this exhibit ASAP! Click on the "Body Worlds Exhibit" link below to see what I'm talking about....a must see if you've never been. Don't let it go by without checking it out!

Body Worlds Exhibit

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I'm in's official!!!

I'm back!! It's been awhile and the feeling is so intense. Still getting settled in and adjusted to the City life and vibe. I'm chilling for another week and then I will be accepting sessions. Looking forward to digging My long claws into the scene here and having My way with numerous pets. So much to do, places to go and people to see to get this ball rolling. Whatever I was not able to accomplish while I was in Florida will be accomplished here in NY. I have a few projects I'm working on and looking forward to starting as far as the kinky business end of the scene. My dominant mark and name has been established a long time ago, now I'm working more on the brand and various ways for you to worship and experience your favorite Black Beauty. I will say no more, just stay tuned!